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Fringe Focus New Zealand Video

I highly suggest you watch this video in fullscreen. And in HD. :)

This video is part of my Fringe Focus Landscape Prints Kickstarter project. Get yourself some great prints from the locations in this video!

I shot this video throughout the month of February 2012 in New Zealand. It’s a compilation of quick shots from my travels. Hikes, campsites, trails, rivers, mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, even an animal or two.

I did a lot of one-day hikes throughout the country, as well as several 3-4 day hikes. I carried all of my gear in an ultralight backpack, with a small titanium stove, and tons of other tiny pieces of gear. I ate straight peanut butter with my fingers, got bloody toes, and smelled generally terrible.

It was an exhausting and incredibly rewarding journey. I hope this quick video is inspirational to you, since it really captures the intensity and vastness of a region far away. I’m looking forward to exploring more places, and as an independent artist I’ll need all the help I can get.

If you’re interested in grabbing some awesome photo prints of New Zealand, back my landscape project on Kickstarter. If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter!

Photography Prints: New Zealand

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Kepler Rock | Fringe Focus

Kepler Rock - I started this mountain hike too late, just clearing the treeline at sunset. My late start allowed me to capture this beautiful lighting that most hikers wouldn’t see. Kepler Track, Fjordlands National Park, 2012.

The Ice Cave | Fringe Focus

The Ice Cave - This retreating glacier moves rapidly, so chilly ice caves like this one form and collapse all the time. By now this cave no longer exists. Franz Josef Glacier, 2012.

The Crevasse | Fringe Focus

The Crevasse - As we stared into this deep, eerie chasm, a girl dropped her iPhone. In 300 years the phone might be found, but the glacier will have ground it into dust. Franz Josef Glacier, 2012.

Kepler Ridge | Fringe Focus

Kepler Ridge - I climbed a mountain alone all day, surrounded by dense beech forest. I’ve never been more tired and isolated than I was when finally reaching this clearing. It was absolutely worth it. Kepler Track, Fjordlands National Park, 2012.

Kepler Path | Fringe Focus

Kepler Path - The second day of this hike had winds approaching 50mph. My large backpack acted like a sail, so I was pretty worried I would get blown off narrow paths like this. Kepler Track, Fjordlands National Park, 2012.

Glacial River Mists | Fringe Focus

Glacial River Mists - Terrible weather meant I couldn’t even see the mountain I had come to photograph. But dramatic views like this were possible in the brief seconds I allowed my camera to get wet. Mt. Cook National Park, 2012.

Picton Clouds | Fringe Focus

Picton Clouds - The steep mountain faces and notoriously bad weather in this area often create rapidly rolling fog. Picton, Marlborough Sounds, 2012.

The Lonely Mountain | Fringe Focus

The Lonely Mountain - These mountains surround the valley in which the Franz Josef glacier is formed. One of the fastest moving and lowest altitude glaciers in the world. Franz Josef Glacier, 2012.

South Island Horses | Fringe Focus

South Island Horses - New Zealand has no native mammals (except for bats and seals). Mammals didn’t evolve on the isolated islands, so animals like these horses were all brought by human settlers. Kaikoura, 2012.

South Island Fields | Fringe Focus

South Island Fields - Much of New Zealand’s rich farmland is on the South Island. The blur effect in the foreground is actually motion, as I shot this out of a moving bus.

In February 2012, I left my job, friends, and family for one month to live in the New Zealand woods. I slept in a tent (and a lot of hostels), climbed mountains, jumped off cliffs, and drank fresh glacial melt water. Leaving the city to have this kind of adventure was basically the best feeling I’ve ever had, and I want to share that with you. Check out these prints on my landscape prints Kickstarter!


New Fringe Focus Logo

New Fringe Focus Logo

Fringe Focus started as my blog, portfolio, and as a replacement for my ridiculous last name: Loukotka. While I had settled on a color palette, it was difficult to define where my art was going, and how my work should be branded. After exploring poster design, illustration, photography, sculpture, and everything else under the sun… I’ve made a proper mark to tie it all together.

New Fringe Focus Logo | Mark

The mark is essentially a really deconstructed set of F’s, comprised of serifs that have been chopped into oblivion. This of course stands for the alliterated ‘Frine Focus’. The arrow shapes themselves also suggest scattered movement or directions. Since Fringe Focus isn’t any one idea or art form, this works pretty well. Plus it looks slick as hell. :)

New Fringe Focus Logo | Type

The type is House Industries’ Luxury Gold. I wanted wide type that felt classy and timeless, and Luxury Gold fits the bill perfectly. Expect to see it more often on branded bits I come out with later this year.

I’m planning a LOT of cool projects for 2012, so this mark/type change represents how I want to shape things moving forward. Excited to show you what I’m working on, so stay tuned this summer.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter / @FringeFocus anytime!