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Photo: Big Old Tree (Costa Rica) Big Old Tree | Costa Rica | Fringe Focus

I believe I found this tree in the forest outside Arenal volcano. It was truly massive, the trunk may have been 12 feet wide or more. Anyway… this is a tree. Look at it. Or check out the Costa Rica project, prints coming soon.

Photo: Monteverde Colors (Costa Rica) Monteverde Colors | Costa Rica | Fringe Focus

Here’s another shot of the valley outside Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. This was taken on May 21st, 2013. It was overcast most of the day, but right at this moment the sun broke through and it was incredibly hot / humid. Beats January in Chicago though!

Photo: Cuajiniquil Seascape (Costa Rica) Cuajiniquil Seascape | Costa Rica | Fringe Focus

Check out the large version of this shot in the Costa Rica gallery. I wanted to include another shot from the many I took outside Cuajiniquil, Costa Rica. It was just so damn peaceful! This shot is also from the bay, but shows quite a bit more of the small mountain range that made up the Pacific coast.

I’ll probably put together the Costa Rica video soon, and I’ll release that video when a few prints are ready!

Photo: Monteverde Valley (Costa Rica) Monteverde Valley | Costa Rica | Fringe Focus

You’ll probably want to view the¬†large version of Monteverde Valley since this is a panorama.

There were a lot of overcast days during my time in Costa Rica. I arrived at the very beginning of the rainy season. Great for hostel / hotel prices, not as great for blue skies (except for around 9am). Daily afternoon rains were actually pretty refreshing since it’s so hot down there. This shot was during a hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest in May 2013. Decided to release this one more monotone / black & white because the haze was sometimes more attractive than the forest itself.

Photo: Farm Clouds (Costa Rica) Farm Clouds | Costa Rica | Fringe Focus

So this photo was actually taken right before getting the rental car stuck in the mud. And when I say stuck in the mud, I’m talking Jurassic Park stuck in the mud. I was stuck for an hour. I was saved by a Chinese guy driving his Jeep. He was the nicest drunk driver I ever met (holding a beer and operating the steering wheel with the same hand). He got his buddies to tie a massive rope around the front bumper and drag us out. The car was dragged a good 500 feet through a muddy ditch before it was finally free.

Anyway that’s all I really see in this photo. It may have been a rice field, who knows. Check out my full Costa Rica gallery.