Screw normal business cards.Fringe Focus Explorers Diver Business CoinsFringe Focus Explorers Business Coins

My new business cards are wooden coins! Two laser cut designs exist currently: Astronaut & Diver. The  illustrations match my Explorers shipping tubes. These coins are new for 2014, and are an improvement over my business coins from 2012.

I designed, laser cut, and finished these coins myself. They’re incredibly thick & hefty. So if you meet me in person, be sure to ask me for a business coin! I keep them in my pocket instead of cards.

Each coin is 45mm wide, and sealed with a mix of linseed oil / sealer. The front side has the Fringe Focus logo and my name. The back side features either an astronaut or an old timey deep sea diver.


Limited Time Offer: If you want to get your hands on my wooden business coins, just grab a print in the store. I’ll try include an astronaut coin OR diver coin (at random, for free) in every order!

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