The great Box Jellyfish Irukandji is incredibly small. Its body is often smaller than your fingernail, but its tentacles can stretch up to an entire meter. And those tentacles are covered in stingers (nematocysts).

Horrific Pain

Getting stung by an Irukandji is rated among the most intense / horrific pains known to main. On the Discover Channel, and Australian women said of the stings: “I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to endure that level of pain without turning into a vegetable.

Another victim indicated that a sting from this tiny jellyfish is worse than childbirth: “It’s like when you’re in labor, having a baby, and you’ve reached the peak of a contraction—that absolute peak—and you feel like you just can’t do it anymore. That’s the minimum that [Irukandji] pain is at, and it just builds from there.

Why did I draw the Box Jellyfish Irukandji? WHY NOT. It’s the most terrifying little blob of pain in the ocean.

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