Wanted to give you all a peek at my process for my most recent poster. I’ve been wanting to draw an astronaut golfing on the moon for a while and decided to print it as a 18 x 24″ screen print. I captured a few images before the poster was finished so folks could see the rough early sketches:

Astronaut Golf Poster Process Animation by Fringe Focus

The first sketch was actually drawn on my phone while I was on the train. Then I moved to Photoshop to sketch using my actual drawing tablet. Each shot shows a few hours of work, the entire poster took a few days to complete. The animation compresses that work to like 20 seconds. Also I obviously looked at a lot of reference images from Apollo 14, so the moon surface and spacesuit are somewhat accurate.

Miles and Miles and Miles is a 24 x 18″ art print available now in the store. Cool cool cool.

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