“It belongs in a museum!”

Continuing my series of Famous Desks, I illustrated the desk of our favorite archaeologist: Dr. Indiana Jones. This poster has already been selling like crazy, so I wanted to say thanks and also show you this cool animated gif of the entire poster getting drawn! This was a LOT of work, on and off over 2 weeks, compressed into just 20 seconds!

I included an exhaustive list of items from all three Indiana Jones films. That’s right, there’s only three movies. Crystal Skull never happened.

Desk of Dr. Jones Animation

The drawing process was largely a matter of placing 40+ items on a large desk in a way that felt natural, despite all of these items never actually being collected in one place. It’s a bit of a fantastical collection, and I had fun mixing items from different timelines around each other. The limited edition The Desk of Dr. Jones poster is 36 x 12″ and is available exclusively in my store while supplies last.

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