Order / shipping questions? Please email concierge (at) fringefocus.com

1. Can I email you about your work, interviews, shenanigans?
Sure! My email is rob (at) fringefocus.com – But please email concierge (at) fringefocus.com if your message is regarding an order / shipment.

2. Where is Fringe Focus located?
Chicago, IL. I have a workshop in Logan Square. It’s awesome. Currently in the process of finding a new workshop in Lakeview.

3. Why are you called Fringe Focus?
Nobody can spell my last name, Loukotka. So ‘Fringe Focus’ is easier to spell. Also I guess it has a bit to do with my wildly varied interests, bringing lots of stuff ‘into focus’. Yeah… something like that.

4. Are you that ACME Poster guy?!
Yes. $105,000 of posters was a lot of posters. They are currently sold out, but you can always subscribe to my newsletter to hear about new projects.

Rob Loukotka | Signing Posters | Fringe Focus

5. Are your products made in the US?
Absolutely yes. In fact, I go out of my way to source as many materials & tools as possible from the States. Renewable American wood, American paper made from 100% hydroelectric power, even my shipping materials are made here. Half of that is to lessen Fringe Focus’s environmental impact, and half is to support local small businesses (and other independent artists).

6. How did you make these posters? What’s your drawing process?
I am now offering deeper looks into my illustration and design process on Patreon! Doing screen recordings, illustration videos, design explanations, and even polls where you can help me decide the next projects! Become a Patron on Patreon.