1. Is shipping free?
For all United States orders of $75 or more, shipping is free! And shipping is only $6 flat for US orders under $75. Shipping internationally, however, is $20 flat for most orders.

2. What shipping service do you use?
USPS Priority Mail (And USPS First Class for lightweight/small orders). It’s very safe and quick for all United States orders. If you’re ordering internationally, please note that the USPS hands off to your local post company for your country. Most Priority Mail orders (any poster shipped in a tube) take 2 days door to door. First Class orders (small packages or prints in small envelopes) take 3-4 days door to door. Any large poster will ship Priority Mail. Lightweight prints or small items that can be shipped flat may use First Class. International orders also use USPS International First Class, which has no weight limit.

3. How long does an order take to arrive?
I usually ship your order within three (3) weeks (unless otherwise noted). Then the USPS usually takes 2-3 days to arrive to most of the United States (I ship from Chicago). International orders can arrive in as little as two (2) weeks (for countries like Canada), or 6-8 weeks for longer distances (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.) It varies wildly by country, so just have patience and it will work out!

4. My poster arrived damaged / bent / covered in blood, can I exchange it?
Usually yes! Email concierge (at) fringefocus.com with a photo of the damage. If I still have that limited edition print in stock, I can mail you another! If that item is all sold out, then I can simply refund your entire purchase price. 99% of orders arrive safely. Open edition prints / items are usually very easy to mail replacements for. No problem!

5. What do you ship posters and art prints in?
Fringe Focus Explorers Shipping Tubes (Astronaut and Diver)

Really sturdy shipping tubes, covered in astronauts and deep sea divers! Your posters are rolled carefully in protective kraft paper, and placed securely inside these ‘Explorers’ tubes. The tubes are sealed with black plastic end caps and then taped shut. So it’s incredibly likely your art will arrive in great condition. And you can keep the tube wherever you like, they look pretty damn cool.

Smaller prints are mailed in sturdy cardboard envelopes, with cardboard inserts to keep the package flat. Small wooden items are packed in cardboard boxes with tissue paper / kraft paper.

6. What ELSE comes in your packages? Sometimes GOODIES! I often have Fringe Focus wooden business coins, and a selection of Fringe Focus stickers. But these sometimes have limited availability. If you ever receive a package without a goodie (sticker, coin, or otherwise) please let me know and I can make it right.

7. My international shipping cost is $40 instead of $20, why? I have shipped thousands of packages to nearly every country on Earth. In doing so, I have found a few countries in which shipping First-Class International is not an effective option from the United States. Due to these high costs, I have to charge $40 flat for any packages headed to:

  • Brunei (Brunei Darussalam)
  • Singapore

Please email concierge (at) fringefocus.com with any order / shipping questions.