Announcing the FringeFocus T-Shirt Store!

FringeFocus T-Shirt Store

Good news everyone!

The FringeFocus T-Shirt Store has launched!

I’ve long been a fan of t-shirts as a creative medium. They can be powerful, with beautiful illustrations that encourage activism for a particular cause. They can be exceptionally well designed and find their place in expensive wardrobes. They can even be downright stupid and serve as a sort of napkin for your whole body. I’ve made the latter.

Pirates, Dinosaurs, and Whales oh my!

FringeFocus T-Shirt Store

I actually started making t-shirts years and years ago, we’re talking 2003. Before I lived in Chicago, I sold plenty of funny, ridiculous, and downright stupid t-shirts online. I’ve since abandoned the dozens (perhaps hundreds) of t-shirts I’ve made to focus on web design, posters, and running my business.

Fortunately, I’ve decided to bring back some of my personal favorites to the FringeFocus store. There are eight shirt designs available now for you to take a look at, so feel free to laugh briefly at my bizarre humor. Or buy one and use it to wipe ketchup off of your fingers.

All eight designs are cartoons or illustrations I made myself of things I found personally amusing. I like to make shirts that I’d wear myself, so hopefully you’ll get a kick out of at least a couple of them. If you all like the direction this is headed, perhaps I’ll start drawing up brand new shirts soon!

Check out the FringeFocus T-Shirt Store to see all of the designs!

Let me know what you think of the shirts in the comments!

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