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Free Shipping on Fringe Focus

Free Shipping on your order of $70 more. Hopefully forever?

This isn’t a limited offer. So many of you buy posters from me and then add on an additional print for a friend, so I’m trying to return the favor. Shipping is an annoying and expensive part of the online shopping experience, so from now on I’m going to try to introduce some easiness to buying art. If you order has multiple posters, or multiple items, that makes shipping easy and inexpensive on my end, so I’d like to make free on your end!

Any order in the Fringe Focus Store (of any items) that reaches $70 in the cart, will have free shipping (in the United States only). I hope this makes it easier for folks when buying gifts!

Free shipping will be automatically applied to your order if you are shipping to the United States. No code necessary, no nothin’. If you’re only buying one item, I STILL have good news, shipping is now a flat $6 for your order (anywhere in the US).

(International folks: Free shipping doesn’t apply to international orders, but I HAVE knocked down world shipping to $20 flat. Any country, any distance, $20 flat no matter what. That’s pretty good!)

The Future:

Like I said, I hope this is a permanent change, or at least the beginning of a platform where I can mail you art with as little resistance as possible (that’s what my new website is for). Art can be expensive to create, protect, and ship around the world. So between limited editions, fighting to get a copy, and paying outrageous shipping fees… buying art becomes quite a chore. Free shipping (of some kind) on the Fringe Focus website is just step one of me trying to make the art buying process easier. Stay tuned in 2013/2014 for more announcements, including crazy attractive packaging, free goodies, and open/timed editioned prints.

Thanks for being awesome. Enjoy my small but positive gesture at comforting your wallet. Oh, and now’s a good time to buy some art, obviously.

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