I Spy Gold ACME Poster on Kickstarter Gold!

I Spy Gold ACME Poster on Kickstarter Gold

I spy with my little eye…

Tornado seeds! Giant magnets! Dynamite! Rocket powered roller skates! Anvils! Giant Rubber Bands!

‘I Spy’ Gold ACME Posters: Now on Kickstarter Gold

Kickstarter is celebrating their 8th year! And 3 Billion dollars raised for artists around the world. They said the ACME Poster that we (me and you all) helped launch in 2012 was a crazy success that they’d like to show again! It is now a part of Kickstarter Gold!

So I spent a lot of time figuring out how to redesign the poster entirely, into an 18×24″ ‘I Spy’ picture. All 126 ACME gadgets, arranged into chaos, with no titles, no description. I placed all 126 titles at the very bottom of the poster, making it a great challenge to find individual items. Where are the explosive tennis balls? Where are the Sproing Boots? Where are the Spy Car plans?

I Spy Gold ACME Poster Kickstarter Close Up

Illustrations are sized close to the huge 24×36″ poster (well 90% close), but all of the negative space and gaps and ‘order’ have been obliterated. It’s like an ACME dump truck filled a football field with bombs, and you have to find them all. And obviously, no descriptions, and the titles are far down below. Even I struggle to find stuff in this print. It’s fun!
This is an idea several folks who backed the original poster wanted, and I love making chaotic charts. Plus this poster is half the size (18×24″ compared to 24×36″) from the original, which is often easier to find space for.

Lastly, the metallic gold layer is going to look killer. Costs me a tad more to add colors, but all of the white ink is atop the metallic gold, and this should help the drawings really pop off the new ‘Tangy Orange’ French Paper. It’s not red, not orange. A bit warmer than my usual reds.

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