My Best Flickr Photos of 2010

My Best Flickr Photos | Chicago After The Storm

This is an incredible shot I pulled off following a storm here in Chicago. The sky was eerily chaotic and orange. There probably wasn’t a single person in the city that wasn’t freaking out and taking pictures at this exact moment.

Sort of a Photographer

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a baby with a cellphone, and 10 being Ansel Adams, you could rate my photography skills at perhaps a 3 or 4. Nevertheless, I find photography to be an awesome hobby. Normally I’m trapped behind a computer all day, so being creative outside among the other humans is pretty exhilarating.

My Best of 2010

Including the shot of Chicago above, here’s a collection of my favorite photos that I shot in 2010.

My Best Flickr Photos | Rolling Fog

Another great shot of Chicago. The sky really was that pink during the sunrise. Looks like cotton candy.


My Best Flickr Photos | Llama

My Best Flickr Photos | Lightning Chaos

Crazy storm one night, with lightning striking buildings every few seconds. I made sure to have the color scheme feel like Gotham City rather than Chicago.

My Best Flickr Photos | Dirty Lake

My Best Flickr Photos | Pretty Plants

My Best Flickr Photos | Rusty Wet Steel

My Best Flickr Photos | Sunset Plant

Update: Some of these photos are available as 6″ Photo Prints on my Kickstarter Poster Project!

Well there you have it. My best attempts at photography of this year. If you want to see more, check out Fringe Focus on Flickr. I’ll be sure to upload tons more photos in 2011.

What do you think of these shots? Constructive criticism is allowed, haha. Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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