Poster Design For ‘LA Music Blog’

'LA Music' Poster Design

I love this piece because it’s the kind of work I get to do when a client says: Do whatever you want, I’m sure it will look awesome.

This is a poster I designed for a long-term client of mine last week. I’ve actually been working with them for a whole year, and it has been nothing short of a pleasure.  I designed their website, did all the backend WordPress work, and designed their business cards and flyers, so when Mike Houser approached me to design a poster I jumped at the oppurtunity.

The branding direction I chose for their blog is centered around a rainbow of colors, heavily treated with grunge effects. I always try to portray Los Angeles in these pieces as warm and exciting, yet uniquely urban.  LA Music Blog focuses on the artists of southern California, and most importantly on the live concert scene.  I designed this poster in order to evoke the feeling of a sun recently setting, with the logo acting as a bright light on a summer night… or whatever.

The normal rainbow palette is extremely subtle here.  I used 3D techniques, painting in perspective, and dozens upon dozens of textures to complete the final look. This poster is being printed at 27″ x 40″ which means it’s an absolutely gigantic file. Ultimately it will be framed and hung in their offices, serving no other purpose other than to look sweet as hell.  And that’s the best any artist can ask for, right?

Some additional notes: The original logo is not my design, but if you’re wondering, it’s several weights of Futura stacked on top each other.  And the bottom area of this poster might be used for written copy later, hence the large blank area. You can check out LA Music Blog at

What do you think of this poster? I’m eager to make more in this style, maybe even a tutorial someday; drop me a line in the comments!

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