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"Mordor" (Lord of the Rings) Poster - Fringe Focus

“One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

I’ve always been a huge fan of the epic environments of Middle-earth. The areas in Tolkien’s books, as well as in the newer The Lord of the Rings movies are some of the most awe inspiring settings imaginable. The Mines of Moria, Helm’s Deep, and especially Mordor are some of the few places in film and literature that are truly worthy of the word epic.

There’s tons of insanely badass imagery to draw from in The Lord of the Rings, and I decided to start at the top: Mount Doom. Also known as Orodruin, this is the volcano where the One Ring was forged, and the only place it can be destroyed.

I wanted to capture the evil of Mordor, the cragged rocks, the soot, the fire, and the despair. Even without showing the armies of orcs or any weaponry the area is incredibly wicked and dangerous. This poster is meant to tie the Ring imagery with its journey (the path Sam and Frodo must take to destroy the Ring). Mordor represents the end of that journey.

This poster is not strictly for The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King book or film. I wanted to draw how badass I felt Mordor felt, and this is the result. I have a ton of ideas related to The Lord of the Rings, so it remains to be seen whether this poster will be part of a trilogy for the books, or a smaller piece of something larger. More posters are coming, but I can’t say what or when just yet.

Get this poster now!

Want to buy this poster? You can buy this poster right now on my Kickstarter Project! You’ve all helped me so much, so I said if we broke our goal and raised $3,000, I could afford to print a sixth poster. This is that sixth design. With your help, we’ll be able to get 24″ prints of this Mordor poster, and you can have it hanging on your wall pretty soon.

I also said that if we raise $4,000, I’ll be giving a FREE extra poster to anybody who’s purchased one from me on Kickstarter. Check out my goals update on Kickstarter. Thank you all so so much for your support! You’re the best!

Let me know what you think of this design in the comments! Or hit me up on Twitter: @FringeFocus

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