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The Apollo 11 Collection The Apollo 11 Collection

The Apollo 11 Collection Poster

I spent basically a whole month researching all of the original manifests and stowage lists of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission. I collected over 200 items that we sent to the moon, and illustrated 69 of them on one poster (in reference to the historic 1969 moon landing).

200+ items, 69 illustrations, on one 18×24″ poster printed with metallic silver ink. Available now on Kickstarter.

This poster follows in the footsteps of my popular ACME Corporation poster (which collected 126 ACME Co. items). The ACME print took forever to draw, and raised $105,000 on Kickstarter. This Apollo poster is similarly ambitious, but a bit more factual / educational.

Apollo 11 Collection in the news

The Apollo 11 Collection has already been featured on Gizmodo / io9,, Mental Floss, Cool Material, Tested, and more!

Adam Savage (of Mythbusters / Tested) digs it too! Very humbling and cool because I’ve been a huge fan of Tested and Mythbusters forever, and I know Adam is an even bigger Apollo 11 nerd than I am (and I am a big nerd).

Basically, this poster is super fascinating if you have any interest in space tech, space history, or NASA gadgets in general. It’s going to look great up on a wall, and is available for just $29 (with free shipping in the US) on Kickstarter. 9 days left in the campaign as of right now, so get at it!

The Apollo 11 Collection Close Up

Famous Desks Poster Series Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

2015 marked the beginning of my most ambitious poster series yet, Famous Desks. At the time I’m writing this, I’ve released six huge posters in the store that each catalog gadgets and items from six different movie series (or cartoons).

I’ve always been fascinated by movie props, and how important some objects are to the plot. There’s so many movie posters featuring actor’s faces or explosions or whatever, but not much cataloging all the incredible devices / weapons / materials used on set. Each desk poster is really just my attempt to make the fictional world it is depicting more real. Making Wile E. Coyote’s cave full of ACME Corporation gadgets more real. Letting you sit sat Indiana Jones‘s desk, or work at Tony Stark’s workbench, or go inside the Ghostbusters firehouse. Seeing every single gadget Q ever made for 007, or all the gadgets that Doc Brown had in his dirty garage from Back to the Future.

Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

View Large Image (And share if you like)

Each print has been crazy complex, and for the first time, I’m cataloging them all together in some easy-to-browse imagery for both the blog and social media stuff. It’s kind of hard to condense six 36″ long posters into an easy-to-comprehend image. This is like 18 feet of detailed artwork, all at once. All the images in this post I encourage you to post / share if you get a chance.

Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

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These first six posters were an immense amount of work (taking the better part of a year), but I plan to continue the series in 2016. Some fictional desks, and perhaps some real desks as well. They take a long time to draw, but it’s worth it because these are the sort of prints you can stare at over and over and always find new little details. A lot of folks have been hanging them in their offices near THEIR desks, which is pretty cool.

Framed Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

Each 36×12″ Famous Desk poster is available as a print, or as a framed print with a wooden museum-style gallery plaque. View Large Image

If you haven’t checked out each of my Famous Desk illustrations already, here’s a quick link each illustration in the series:

The Desk of Mr. Stark (almost sold out!)

The Desk of Dr. Jones (also will sell out soon)

The Desk of Mr. Coyote

The Desk of Q

The Desk of Dr. Brown

The Desk of Dr. Venkman

How I illustrated The Desk of Dr. Venkman Desk of Dr. Venkman Close Up

Back off man, I’m a scientist.

Continuing with my series of Famous Desks posters, I sat down and drew all the gadgets from what is probably the greatest movie of all time (okay, it’s in the ballpark). I collected the proton pack, ghost trap, Ecto-1, and a ton of other goodies to make a Desk of Dr. Venkman poster. This unofficial fan poster ended up looking pretty awesome, and it was fun to take a super close look at the interior of the Ghostbusters firehouse. I tried to make the layout of the firehouse super accurate (within reason). Tweaked the perspective a bit so there’s great detail on the proton pack as well as the Ecto-1.

Desk of Dr. Venkman Poster | Ghostbusters

I think there’s 33 gadgets or items in this one, not counting structural elements like the poles, door, floor, etc. The items span from both Ghostbusters movies, albeit the majority are from the first film (since Ghostbusters 2 largely uses the same stuff).

Desk of Dr. Venkman Animation Process

I forgot how many hours of drawing this one was. Nothing terrible like 100 hours, this was probably closer to 60 hours by the time it went to print. You can see each and every step, from sketch to finished poster in the animation here. Or check out this 1000px wide animation of this poster.

The Desk of Dr. Venkman is a 2 color screen print that is 36 inches wide by 12 inches tall. It’s signed and numbered by me, with an edition size of just 325. Available now in the store!

Desk of Dr. Venkman GLOW IN THE DARK

Also available is this rarer “Slime” variant in which I drew a bunch of gross ectoplasm all over everything in the firehouse. It glows in the dark! During the day it looks just like regular edition, but at night you can see this slime peeking through. The slime variant poster has an edition of just 175 and is available now.

Free Mystery Print! – Black Friday “Week” Black Friday Week | Free Mystery Print

Good news everyone! A new season of shopping debauchery is upon us! Bask in the glowing warmth of “deals”!

I’m not one to shy away from fun free stuff, especially during the week where we’re all basically deciding what we need to buy our friends and families. So here’s the deal: Buy anything in my store on Black Friday (or the whole week), and I will include a free mystery print in your shipment. Pretty simple, but here’s more details:

The print is 8×8″. It’s hand printed by me, using a wood block print technique here in my workshop. Signed and numbered by me, limited to an edition of however many orders are places during Black Friday Week (November 27th to December 4th, 2015).

Free 2015 Mystery Print

I know we are often busy on Friday and this weekend and on “Cyber Monday”. So I made this giveaway last all week. Figure out what sort of gifts you need for everybody, buy art if you can. If you do buy art, grab some here, and get this exclusive print. Cool? Cool. I think it is cool, anyway.

ACME Crate Coasters

Also, ALSO. Since some folks are buying extra posters and frames and often exceeding $200+ per order, I am giving away whole sets of my ACME Crate Coasters (in addition to the free mystery print) for any orders over $200. This is an easy way to tack an extra gift onto your order, and I hope these two giveaways show my thanks to all of you who are buying art as gifts this holiday season. Rock on!

Note: The final day for US orders to ship and subsequently arrive time (say, by Christmas Eve) is December 18th. So urgent presents should be snagged soon, but you have until the final date of Dec 18th, 2015. Then I’m probably gonna take a week off and drink. Because shipping is hard. I love you though.

International orders: I’m sure Canada can keep ordering gifts, but Europe / Asia, etc. can randomly take between 2 weeks and 6 weeks. So no guarantees on timely holiday gift shipments outside of the US.

The Desk of Doc Brown Process Animation

Great Scott!

October 21st 2015 was Back to the Future Day. To celebrate, I had spent the weeks leading up to that day illustrating a ton of gadgets in Doc Brown’s garage. The Desk of Dr. Brown has objects that span the entire trilogy, and I tried to ensure they all existed or could exist in Doc Brown’s workshop at some point. Time travel means none of it is anachronistic, because time travel, haha. So the rifle from part III, the metal sunglasses from part II, and the original time machine from part I are all hanging out in his lab at once.

It was a mad rush to get all these items looking great and ready by Back to the Future day, so I’m writing this blog post after the fact now that I have time. Here’s an animated gif of all the hours of work that went into drawing this piece, compressed into under a minute!


See if you can find these gadgets hiding in the poster:

  • Delorean Time Machine
  • Portraits of Edison and Franklin
  • JVC Red Video Recorder
  • Dog food opener machine
  • Einstein Food Bowl
  • Plutonium Crate
  • Giant Amplifier
  • Glass tubes and chemistry stuff
  • Jukebox
  • Black rotary phone
  • White lab coat / HAZMAT mask
  • Timer with lanyard
  • Tool belt
  • Remote Control for Deloreon
  • Calculator Watch
  • ESP Machine
  • Lightning Rod for Delorean
  • Model of 1955 town
  • old timey small alarm timer
  • Metal Sunglasses
  • Mr. Fusion generator
  • Miller High life can
  • Clear tie
  • Future Binoculars / Camera
  • USA today
  • Chalkboard
  • Emergency cash case
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Bicycle
  • Magnifying glass
  • 1885 Letter from Doc
  • Chess board with wires
  • Miner hat
  • Rifle with big scope
  • Model of train track
  • Model of wood time machine toy
  • Big batteries for talkies


Both editions are 36×12″ screen printed posters. The regular is signed edition of 375, and the metallic silver variant is an edition of just 175. Both posters are still available while supplies last!

Desk of Doc Brown Poster