The Desk of Mr. Stark

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Product image 1The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 2The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 3The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 4The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 5The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 6The Desk of Mr. Stark
Product image 7The Desk of Mr. Stark

I am Iron Man.

This 36″ screen printed poster is FULL of easter eggs and fun details from Iron Man 1, 2, and 3. As such, it’s a bit anachronistic (or timeless). There’s some legacy items like the Mark 3 suit and faceplate, Tony’s original arc reactor from the cave, etc. There’s also nods to improved tech (the clear screens), and even a glimpse into the future (one of the screens indicates he is researching Vibranium, which supposedly is what Ultron is after in the upcoming Avengers 2).

This poster took a very very long time to draw. I really like it. I’m excited to ship them to you. They’re printing now and we (me and my shipping concierge) should be able to start shipping in just 2 weeks!

If you purchase a FRAME: You will get free shipping (in the US) and I will frame the art for you. No need for screwdrivers! (Canadian folks also get their art framed, but note 12×36 frame shipping is $40 for these large frames to Canada. 12×36 frame shipping is unavailable to other international countries, our apologies!

Check out my other poster in my Famous Desks series, Indiana Jones.


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