Fringe Focus now offers 18 x 24″ frames for your favorite 18 x 24″ posters! Go ahead and order a frame with your new print, and we’ll frame it for you (no charge!) Or order a blank frame on this page if you are looking to frame a poster you bought previously.

Here are some frames of other sizes (12×36″) for reference, all of the frame styles match:

Framed Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

18 x 24″ Frames will include laser engraved gallery plaques that we securely attach here in my workshop. So just choose your print title from the dropdown and one of these wooden title tags will appear on your frame.

Framed Apollo Gallery Plaque

Laser engraved gallery plaques with your poster’s title are attached to the bottom-middle of each frame! Museum quality design, they look even cooler in person.

Need extra frames as gifts? These mofos are only $109 each when you buy 2! It’s way easier for us ship them together, seriously. Grab a couple.

International Customers: These frames are HUGE and can’t be rolled (obviously) like your artwork, so shipping is unavailable outside of US and Canada.

Canada: Shipping is $40 (due to the large size / weight of frame packages).

US Customers: For the time being, shipping is still free for all orders over $70, which includes frames! So free shipping on a giant frame, it’s a pretty great deal.