24x36 FRAMES

24 x 36″ Rustic Black Frames

Fringe Focus now offers 24 x 36″ frames for your favorite 24 X 36″ posters! (In the United States only, because they’re pretty big to ship) So far, just the ACME Corporation posters fit the 24 x 36″ frames. But enough of you asked, so here they are. They are gigantic and hard to ship, but they match the exact style and wood of our other frames. Go ahead and order a frame with your new print, and we’ll frame it for you (no charge!) You’re paying for convenience here. Or order a blank frame on this page if you are looking to frame a poster you bought previously (which is more likely).

Of course there are cheaper frames at Target or something, but we’ll laser engrave gallery plaques (which doesn’t exist anywhere), AND put the art in for you and mail it 100% ready-to-hang. Which saves a headache and a half. Please note the price includes FREE shipping, which is pretty cool when you see how ridiculously large the box is. It’s like… refrigerator box impressive. You will be scared of it.

Framed Famous Desks Poster Series by Rob Loukotka | Fringe Focus

(Pictured above, Our smaller 12×36″ Frames) Our 24×36″ Frames also include laser engraved gallery plaques that we securely attach here in my workshop. So just choose your print title from the dropdown and one of these wooden title tags will appear on your frame. Please note the dropdown lists far too many ‘ACME Corporation’ variants. The plaques will usually just say ‘ACME Corporation’, don’t worry!

Laser engraved gallery plaques with your poster’s title are attached to the bottom-middle of each frame! Museum quality design, they look even cooler in person.

International Customers: These frames are HUGE and can’t be rolled (obviously) like your artwork, so shipping is unavailable outside of US and Canada.

Canada: We may offer 24×36″ frames someday, but the math is too rough right now, our apologies. (due to the large size / weight of frame packages).

US Customers: For the time being, shipping is still free for all orders over $70, which includes frames! So free shipping on a giant frame, it’s a pretty great deal.