ACME Drinking Kit Bottle Opener

ACME Drinking Kit Bottle Opener

Finally, an ACME Bottle Opener.

This is a bottle opener. It’s made of steel. It’s very very very good at opening bottles, and it is very flat. It is literally the exact size of a credit card, so can whip it out and look “cool” whenever. That is my advertisement to you, because I am bad at advertisements.

I made some cool ACME wooden coasters. And I made these bottle openers. If you are like me, and you like pretending that the ACME Corporation is real, then these are for you. If you like dynamite, and explosives, and giant boulders… then maybe get this thing. And the coasters. If not, that’s cool too.

These are different from my posters and prints in the ‘ACME Drinking Kit’ is an invention of my own. I just really wanted ACME crate coasters, and a bottle opener, because I like whiskey. And that’s that. So get one. Okay!

ACME Crate Coasters