Brazil Poster | Terry Gilliam

If you haven’t seen Terry Gilliam’s classic sci-fi film Brazil, you should get on it immediately. I’ve always been attracted to Gilliam’s richly detailed art direction. This is the same guy behind Monty Python12 Monkeys, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The environment of Brazil is dystopian urban landscape, packed with pipes, ducts, and wires. When the Silver Screen Society asked me if I’d be interested in designing a poster for the film, I immediately said yes.

There were a lot of fantastic elements to draw from the 1985 film. The ridiculous SWAT teams, nuclear facilities with fluffy clouds painted on them, and miles of duct work are all some of favorite bits of the movie. So my illustration ties all of those together. Gilliam does an amazing job at creating new worlds, and I tried to capture the details of that world here.