Chimera Frame and Name Plaque

These frames are designed and sized perfect for your Chimera Collection prints.

Chimera Frame & Name

Type in any name you like for your Chimera! I’ll laser engrave it into a custom name plaque attached permanently to the frame.

Chimera Picture Frame and Name Plaque

Frames are for 6 x 18″ prints (the 3 prints that comprise a Chimera equal 6 x18″), with a rustic wood look. Economical, rugged, and pretty fantastic looking. Hanging hardware included, the glass front is ACRYLIC and protects your artwork.

All Chimera frames are the same rustic black w/ brown wood name plaque.

The name plaques are made by me. The frames are made here in the United States (Michigan to be exact). Local, sustainable, blah blah blah. 🙂

US Shipping: Since the frames are $70, buying these will get you FREE SHIPPING.

International Shipping: Due to increased size/weight shipping these frames outside of the US will be $30 instead of the usual $20. They have to be packed delicately, etc. so this ensures a safe package!