I illustrated this out of a great love for the movie. My work doesn’t generally capture love stories, but the bond between two robots felt too compelling not to illustrate. It’s truly a better love story than almost any other film I can think of. Little robots are so cute that it physically hurts me to watch the movie. “Look he thinks he’s people! Look at him put on his shoes! Oh god! SO CUTE. AGHHH!”

As usual, I’m fascinated as much by the environments in this film as I am the characters. The ‘Trash Planet’ Earth is as pretty as it is dirty. So 95% of this gigantic illustration is my take on the pollution. Trash mountains, dust storms, cubes, even a dense cloud of artificial satellites forming the barrier between earth and space.

Anyway, this is just my take on an already beautiful movie. This is unofficial fan art, but I think it captures a lot of great details. Always fun to watch a movie on a weekend and draw fun stuff.