Flat File Sale 12 x 36" Posters

Flat File Sale: 12×36″ Posters!

Ruins of Gotham

(2013) Ruins of Gotham$75 SOLD OUT – Two (2) of the regular edition available. Originally drawn for a gallery show about alternate movie endings, this a different take on the Dark Knight Rises. The APs I have are actually still in stock, but they have big dings on the edges. But I found these original editions that are in better condition, which I thought I had none of! 12×36″, but everything on this page is, so I will stop typing that now. That means you can also buy a 12×36″ rustic black FRAME for any poster on this page! Cool? Cool.

Day of Days Glow in the Dark

(2013) Day of Days$200 SOLD OUT -Three (3) of these are available. One is a regular edition, and I have an AP and another working proof. These will be assigned randomly, with no difference in price. (This is for ease of ordering, and all the posters look the same, other than how I numbered them in the corner). This poster GLOWS IN THE DARK.


(2013) 007DB5 $160 SOLD OUT – I have five (5) of these. You know what this is. It’s James Bond’s Aston Martin. And that’s metallic gold ink. This poster looks fantastic. It’s super sold out, and I had no idea I had 5 of them. Some of these are APs, some are regulars, one might be a working proof. Assigned at random. They all look the same and are in near mint condition. I love this poster. The black paper is a bit more gray in real life, but the metallic gold is shiny pretty cool. I love it.

We're On A Mission From God | Luxury Metallic Variant Poster

(2013) (and kinda 2015) We’re On A Mission From God Metallic – $120 – Six (6) of these are available). This was a recent release that sold out quickly. The posters that remain are a mix of regular editions and working proofs I removed because the brown ink layers had slight defects. 99.9% fine, but I didn’t want to sell them without making it clear upfront.


If you buy these metallic ones, there will be a tiny smudge somewhere on the brown layer, about the size of a jelly bean, or a french fry, but very very translucent. I dunno, here’s some pics! I think it is no big deal. 🙂 Flat File Sale, after all! Anyway, all the metallics have tiny hiccups, most people would never notice. But I am a weirdo!

We're On A Mission From God - Blues Brothers Poster

(2013) We’re On A Mission From God $140 -Six (6) of these are available in addition to other 6, miraculously! This is the older original coloration. These are in near mint condition (minor wear on all posters considering they are 3 years sitting in a box, I think they look perfect). These are all Artist’s Proofs except for one. So 5 AP’s, 1 regular. Will be assigned randomly, pricing remains the same regardless (for ease for sales).

The Desk of Mr. Coyote Metallic Variant | Famous Desks | Fringe Focus

(2015) The Desk of Mr. Coyote Luxury ‘Sunset’ Metallic Variant – $100 SOLD OUT – Six (6) available. While the regular (and more common) edition remains available, this rarer variant sold out relatively quickly. The colors look just ridiculously good in person, are honestly in my top 3 favorite color palettes I’ve ever done. Hard to explain until you’ve seen it up close. Just feels warm. 5 AP’s, 1 Regular, assigned at random. They are all signed / look the same, mint condition since they’re still pretty new.


(2013) Directive?$225 -I have six (6) of these available. 4 are Artist’s Proofs, 2 are regular edition. But given the age and rarity, I’m treating most prints as the same here. Assigning them randomly, same price. They look the same, and are signed / numbered by me. Near mint and have remained in my flat file for years, I guess I just thought I only had 1 or 2! These sold out in SEVEN HOURS in 2013, so it’s weird that I have any so many years later. One of these prints has a slight scratch on the paper edge, but would be invisible when framed and doesn’t touch the art. This is one of my favorite designs, and is currently hanging next to my toilet. But in a good way. 🙂

How Horrible Our Christmas Will Be Poster

(2013) How Horrible Our Christmas Will Be! $100 – I have seven (7) of these available. Artist Proof’s and Working Proofs, assigned randomly, priced the same for ease for sales. This was a gallery release at Bottleneck Gallery originally.

Something Strange in Your Neighborhood Fringe Focus

(2013) Something Strange in your Neighborhood$75 -Okay this is the weird one. We had issues mixing our inks initially, which resulted in simply producing MORE prints than existed in the edition. The prints look pretty much fantastic, but by the time the problem was solved, I had already signed and shipped prints at “/180”. So in the spirit of the word, since we were working out the kinks on the brown ink layer, the 33 (yes you read that right) 33 prints I have here will be marked as working proofs, signed, and priced a bit lower than the other prints we have available. These look fantastic and I love Ghostbusters, and I’m glad we lucked out with all these extras. Yay!

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