Flat File Sale | ACME Posters

Flat File Sale: ACME Corporation!

The ACME Corporation Poster

(2012/2013) The ACME Corporation – Basically the poster that launched Fringe Focus from my hobby to my entire career. 3,400 people backed it on Kickstarter in one month, and it’s been years of the red poster being sold out. I have six (6) weird/low numbers (#666, #10, #9, #8, #6, #4) of that regular edition (of 3,400) The low numbered ACMEs are $200 each. There’s a mix of thirteen (13) AP’s or other regulars (which are $175), and I have eight (8) random leftover posters (at $120) that just don’t have a number and are kind of homeless or have a dent on the corner or a scratch (there WERE 207 of those).

The #666 is $666 because it’s amazing. I signed it years ago, and just kept it. And I refuse to sell it for anything less than that hilarious amount. So I will throw in a bonus “EVIL” original one-of-a-kind drawing on a 4×4″ scratchboard (basically pen and ink drawing on a board). You can give me a keyword, and I will improvise something “evil” on that keyword. Original scratchboards by me are normally $200-$250 so if you’re really into evil things this is a fun package deal! I’m excited.

The #10, #9, etc. are just really low numbers of a 3,400 edition. That’s neat. My mom has ACME #1. So you’d be in good company. Do these categories all make sense now? The prices are all due to the rarity or insanity of the numbers.

ACME Corporation Luxury Copper Variant

(2013) The ACME Corporation Luxury Metallic Copper Variant – $300 It’s Copper colored. I have four (4) of them. There used to be 270 of them. They have very slight scratches on the outside edge, but a frame would hide that. These are the only 4 left, but they look VERY VERY cool. I loooove this color. This was one of my fastest sellouts as well. The pricing for these is largely due to the demand and the fact that I only have 4 them, vs. the ~23 of the red ones.

If you cannot score your favorite copper or red: We are launching a more subtle ‘Iron Anvil’ ACME edition (unrelated to the Flat File Sale) that will sellout eventually as well. But above are the last of the red and copper ACMEs, I basically cleared out my entire flat file. So that’s that!

ACME Corporation Iron Anvil Variant