Flat File Sale: Miscellaneous!

Dapper Dan Men's Pomade

(2013) Dapper Dan Men’s Pomade – Only One (1) Available. It’s in pretty great condition, you can click the above image (or any image in gallery) to read about the original release. 18×24″

Mordor poster

(2011) Mordor – Also only 1 of these. Only purchasable on this Flat File Sale page, but you can read about my Lord of the Rings series by clicking the image above. This prints looks to be in Mint condition. 15.5×24″

Birds of Prey Poster

(2011) Birds of Prey – 2 available. Part of my Predators series from 2011. I don’t have any of the shark ones, sadly. Not even for myself! One of these is mint, the other is near mint. But when framed they are the same. Most posters on Flat File Sale day have very minor wear on the edge simply from existing for 5 years. But they look flawless in frames! 15.5×24″

Frostbite Poster

(2011) Frostbite – Also in my Predators series. Found 3 of these. Also all mint condition I believe. These are all giclees, unlike the more matte screen prints you’re used to in my later career. Also 15.5×24″

"Eight-Balls" Poster - Fringe Focus

(2011) Eight Balls – Heh. Octopus holding billiard balls. I dunno. These were originally for a Kickstarter campaign, and got printed as an overrun. They are signed in gold pen as a ‘working proof’ since I basically printed too many trying to figure it out. They are 11×17″ and look fantastic once framed! (Slight hairline of white paper visible on the bottom for some reason, thus near mint).

Flat File Sale Miscellaneous

(Not pictured solo, but you can see the pile of them on top here, they are black and white and messy)

(2015) Gotham Wood Block Print – These were a free mystery print for customers last year. Some of the remainder I kept in my flat file. They are all wild looking, some are goopy, some are blurry or too light. But all are very cool and very Batman. So I dig them. Edition of 75, these are all that’s left.

Flat File Sale 2016

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