Gallery Title Plaque for Framed Art

Want our impressively cool looking laser engraved title plaques for YOUR art, but live internationally and can’t have our frames shipped? You can order the gallery title plaques right here! They are $15 each, or just $10 each if you need 5 or more.

Framed Apollo Gallery Plaque

They measure roughly 1″ by 4″ (and 1/8″ thick, so, maybe 10mm). You can affix them to the bottom of your frames with wood glue (or any glue at all, they are lightweight!). For any plaque, just shoot us an email before or after your order, and let us know which plaque you want! We keep the plaques in stock with the proper titles, just give us an idea of which prints need plaques. For custom plaques, be sure to type your print title accurately in the email.

I am Groot | Wood Portrait | Fringe Focus