“I am Groot.”

I am Groot | Wood Portrait | Fringe Focus

I am starting my limited edition laser-engraved wood portrait series with… Groot. Groot is wood. The print is wood. It’s a wooden Groot!

Each 8 x 8″ wooden Groot portrait is laser engraved into Cherry hardwood boards. This wood is sustainable and grown in the US. Each portrait is hand sanded and finished with danish oil to ensure it’s protected from the elements.

I am Groot | Wood Portrait | Fringe Focus

You could set this portrait up on a shelf, or screw in some hanging hardware, but the best option may be a custom Fringe Focus Frame with included ‘I am Groot’ gallery plaque. Rustic black frames for each wood portrait. Each frame comes with real glass to protect your portrait, an attached hangar (ready to go up on your wall), and a gallery plaque with the portrait’s title.

Groot wood portraits are engraved by myself here in my Chicago workshop. They are sanded and finished right here, and limited to an edition of just 150. Each portrait will be signed and numbered.

Guardians of the Galaxy Wood Portraits

Groot is part of a series of Guardians of the Galaxy Wood Portraits with Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord. Collect all three.