Headless Horseman Poster

Run as you will, as far as you can. Darkness brings the Headless Horseman.

In honor of the spookiest month of year, I’ve made this Limited Edition Halloween 9 x 24″ poster. The terror of Sleepy Hollow is in full glory here, riding his horse (nightmare) through the autumn woods. Ready to slice some heads off!

It’s said that the Headless Horseman was actually a victim of the American Revolutionary War, having his head shot clean off by cannon fire. His ghost haunts Sleepy Hollow, New York at night, searching for townsfolk to decapitate.

Headless Horseman Poster Print

I’ve illustrated the Horseman here in a full head-choppin’ swing, with his jack-o-lantern head in tow. This limited edition print is a Halloween special, so the first orders were mailed out before Halloween. This should look great up on a wall all year round, but especially in October.

The posters are printed on ‘Butcher Orange’ French Paper which is gorgeous up close and has a certain organic / natural pattern to it. So every poster is a little unique!

Headless Horseman Closeup

Headless Horseman Photo

What is an ‘Artist’s Proof’? Artist’s Proofs are the exact same print as the Main Edition, printed on the same paper at the same time. But they are my personal collection of prints, and usually comprise just 5 to 20% of the total print run. The noticeable difference is a lower edition quantity and the marking ‘AP’ written next to the number. Both the Main Edition and the Artist’s Proof are signed by the artist.