Dinosaur Fossil Bookends

Dinosaur Fossil Bookends

Dinosaur Fossil Bookends

These handmade bookends are made from natural red oak, laser engraved with fossils from four periods. Dimetradon from the Permian, Eoraptors from the Triassic, Stegosaurus from the Jurassic, and T-Rex from the Cretaceous. The dinosaurs are engraved into the end grain so they even look like natural fossil deposit layers!

Make Day: Dinosaurs

A one-day build event, conceived by you, made by me. This make day happened on March 11th, 2014.

Here’s the entire design process for these Dinosaur Fossil Bookends:


Jurassic and Permian Bookends

Jurassic and Permian layers are ready! But Make Day is almost becoming Make Night, and I may need to get some sleep before wrapping this one up…


Bookend Progress Stegosaurus

Making progress! Probably a few more hours of drawing / production.


Bookend Blanks

These are the final blanks for the prototype dinosaur bookends! Now 5.5″ wide, 4.75″ tall, and 4.25″ deep.


Dinosaur Bookend Dimensions

Still designing, but final dimensions are 4.75″ tall, 4″ deep, and 5.5″ wide. All made of red oak!


Stegosaurus Dinosaur Bookend Progress Shot

Testing laser techniques! None of these are final, still lots of dinos to draw as well. But you get the idea!


Stegosaurus Drawing


 Dinosaur Bookend Progress Build

Experimenting with how I’m going to layer the ‘fossil layers’ of the bookends.

4:45pm: Current plan is laser engrave dinosaur fossils into each layer of wood. Will glue all layers together to form bookend.


 Red Oak End Grain

The end grain on the red oak I bought looks JUST like actual fossil layers! So I’m going to change my construction plan to ensure the dinosaur fossils are embedded in the end grain. Should look super cool once stained! Red oak is pretty heavy, so the bookends will be hefty enough to support your books.


 Dinosaur Fossil Bookend Sketch

First sketch of the layered dinosaur fossil bookends! Each layer will have different fossils embedded, and the sides will have labels for each period. Likely Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous, but we will see! These will be angled blocks of wood, with laser engraved panels I will have to glue to said blocks. All stained.

1pm: IDEA CHOSEN! I am going to make a set of wooden dinosaur bookends! My idea for these is pretty cool! I want to do large wood blocks cut an angle, then label the layers of earth as if each bookend was a cut-away mountain. Different dino fossils will be hidden throughout, and I may label each layer as “Jurassic”, “Triassic” etc.

Make Day: Dinosaurs | Fringe Focus

On Tuesday, March 11th, early in the morning I will be accepting YOUR product ideas for a one day art project! You think of a Dinosaur related product in the morning, I pick my favorite idea, and I build it all day in the Fringe Focus workshop. The completed Dinosaur art thingy will be in the Fringe Focus Store that very night.

Dinosaur product ideas sourced by you on Twitter & Facebook:

  1. “First Pterodactyl of Spring?”
  2. “Dinosaur book ends.”
  3. “I am leaning towards the idea of something with either a Tyrannosaurus or Brachiosaurus.”
  4. “Pterodactyl drone.”
  5. “Dinosaurs playing basketball.”
  6. “How about a baby Dino hatching out of an egg. Those are always cool!”
  7. “Triceratops ring toss.”
  8. “An image of dinosaurs roaming, scavenging, or hunting in a post apocalyptic New York a la I Am Legend. No humans, just dinos.”
  9. “Tyrannosaurus skeleton display (or perhaps its silhouette).”
  10. “How about a homage to herbivores and the plants they ate?”
  11. “Dino skeleton kitchen trivets.”
  12. “Wood cut out Dino bone puzzle assembly kits. But add additional parts like a top hat or rocket pack or machine gun etc.”
  13. “Tyrannosaurus Rex nutcracker.”
  14. “A little mini herbivore dinosaur that can be put inside a potted plant.”
  15. “T-Rex coat hanger.”
  16. “Dino cell phone holder for a desk.”
  17. “T Rex with jaws that can clip your toenails.”
  18. “Stegosaurus with spikes that can brush your hair.”
  19. “Dinosaur wine bottle holder / rack.”
  20. “Dinobots if they were designed by early aeronautical engineers.”
  21. “Tyrannosaurus skeleton carved on a hot pan coaster for the kitchen.”
  22. “Idea: brontosaurus on its back. Legs hold up a phone/tablet/notepad/a pipe.”