Snowman Kit by Fringe Focus

Snowman Kit

Contents: 2 Normal Eyes, 2 Creepy Eyes, 1 Happy Mouth, 1 Creepy Mouth, 2 Horns, 1 Pipe, 5 Circle Buttons, 5 Star Buttons. (And a small pouch to hold them all!)

Snowman Kit by Fringe Focus

Snowman Kit by Fringe Focus

Snowman Kit by Fringe Focus

The Fringe Focus Snowman Kit was made in one day on Fringe Focus Make Day! The pieces are cut using a laser, and each snowman feature is stained by hand. These pieces are entirely reusable season after season, and you can position the eyes and mouth to make your snowman appear happy, excited, sad, angry, creepy, whatever you want!

Each piece is polyurethaned and safe for use outdoors! The set comes in a small pouch, suitable for gifting. So get these as a gift for kids, or just use them yourself like me, because snowmen are awesome.

Dec 2nd Make Day went as follows, check out the process of this one day build:

10pm: Here’s eyes AND a mouth! Gonna call it a night and wrap this up / launch tomorrow during the day because of some power outage issues here at the shop. Stay tuned tomorrow!

evil snowman mouth

9:45pm: Made a really cool snowman mouth! Evil snowman mouth… There have been some power outage issues at the workshop, so I may or may not have to delay the actual snowman kit sale until tomorrow during the day. But I’ll keep you posted!

8:45: This is just some of many pieces, but you get the idea. Evil snowman eyes! More coming soon!

Evil Snowman Eyes

8:30pm: Will definitely launch the snowman kit later than intended, but that’s because it’s so much fun making new pieces! Probably a few hours, stay tuned!

8pm: Still working on lasering out the pieces. Using square dowels so the pieces won’t sag in the snow. Check it out!

Make Day Snowman Eyes

3pm: At the workshop. Drawing snowman pieces to put in the snowman flesh. Will keep drawing and lasering until the evening, when there is enough pieces to complete the set.

1-2pm: Went to the hardware store and craft store for bits and bobs. Bought a sort snowman head for the photoshoot.

12:45pm: Alright, gonna hit up the craft store for a snowman head analogue. And the hardware store for some dowels or something.

12pm: Ideas from Twitter: “Gold chain. Sheriff badge. Laser pistol. Lightsaber. Slingshot. Scimitar. Eye patch. Antennae. Mohawk. Crazy ears. Nelly Grill.”

11:50am: Tentative list of things that *could* be in the Fringe Focus snowman making kit: Eyes, Mouth, Detachable Pipe, Eyebrows, Crazy teeth. What are some non-facial accessories our snowman could have? A badge? A weapon? Jewelry? A Watch? Something on his chest?

11:40am: Sketching some initial snowman features.

Snowman Making Kit Sketch

11:30am: So here is the competition for ‘Snowman Making Kit‘ Really lame! Normal buttons, some felt. I think we should do some crazy eyes, mouths, facial features. Even the buttons could be cooler right? Let’s fix snowmen forever.

11am: WINNING IDEA: Wooden Snowman Making Kit. This could be super cool, I can make a snowman accessory kit that’s better than anything out there. Let’s do it! DESIGN TIME. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you have any feedback. Thanks so much for all of the amazing ideas!

9am-11am CST: Ideas are rolling in:

  1. “How about a toy fit to be on the island of misfit toys?”
  2. “Perhaps a nutcracker that looks like a wizard?” (Related – “It’s Gandolf the Grey slamming down his stick on the nut from the “You shall not pass!” scene! Epic!”)
  3. “What if wood and winter traded places? Snow became trees, trees became snow/ice…”
  4. “Wooden snowman making kit?” (I choose this idea! Let’s make it!)
  5. “Fire starters that look like snowflakes? Or snow flake fire logs, etc.”
  6. “A slingshot worthy of the Pan. BANGARANG!”
  7. “3D stand up forest. with a yeti sitting next to a small fire.”
  8. “I suggest a wooden Santa or snowman toy with moveable arms.”
  9. “A 3D fit together cabin might also be kinda cool. rig the inside with a light.”
  10. “Giant lion, bundled up in winter garb, waiting at a CTA bus stop.”
  11. “Walking dead (generic zombie of course) wind chimes…..”
  12. “A set (6+) of wooden snowflakes ornaments w/ details in center/points to reflect light (faux crystals, shiny thumb tacks, …)”
  13. “An ice scraper for the occasionally frozen windshield with a bottle opener included. #practicallyuseful”
  14. “Wooden Bitcoins to give as nerd gift cards.”
  15. “Those things that spin from the heat of candles, but instead of angels, tauntauns.”
  16. “A Santa Robot.”
  17. “A Santa containment unit/kit.”
  18. “I like the reveal of paper snowflakes when opened after cutting-imagine hinged wood that opens up into a snowflake.”
  19. “A Yeti Rocket made from a pine forest. he’s tired of no one believing in him. #yetimakeday”
  20. “Not really a Wintery idea but A puzzle box replica from HELLRAISER would be fun.”

9am (Central Time): I’ll begin taking your product ideas and thoughts on the theme ‘Wood & Winter’ on Twitter and Facebook. Talk to me!


Fringe Focus Make Day is a one day build event based on your ideas. I speak with everyone in the morning (on TwitterFacebook, Email, whatever you want) and we choose the best idea based on a theme. Today’s theme is ‘Wood & Winter‘. I then design and sketch the plans for this object, posting photos along the way. Then it’s off to the hardware store, materials gathering, and to the Fringe Focus Workshop. I will build the newly designed thingy over the course of several hours, then put the finished object into the Fringe Focus store in the evening. It could be one limited edition item, or a collection of small things that everyone can grab. I have no idea what will happen. But this seems fun. Let’s do it.