Marauders Skull Coasters

Artisan wooden coaster sets made from renewable American alder.

Marauders Skull Coasters

“Shiver me timbers.”

Ma·rau·der | to Ma·raud | verb | Definition: “To rove and raid in search of plunder.”

What comes into my shop as raw alder boards, leaves as gorgeous pirate coaster sets. Each set of four, six, or eight coasters are laser engraved at my workshop.I finish each coaster set by hand with a custom stain and multiple coats of a custom mix of linseed oil / sealer.

I drew the skull design full of cracks, fractures, and missing its bottom jaw. I also surround each Marauders themed coaster with compass pattern so there’s a matching Pirate Ship Coaster Set in this Marauders series if you desire. Expect to see different items on my website utilizing the Marauders designs in the future.

Marauders Skull Coasters

Each finished coaster measures at 3/16″ (.5 cm) thick with a diameter of 4″ (10 cm). I’m offering full sets of four coasters, six coasters, or eight… and each set is wrapped in twine so it’s suitable for handing out as a gift. Looks all piratey!

The drink coasters are deeply protected by oil / sealer, so they protect your table by taking the beating of water condensation, beer, whiskey, and even a bit of spilled rum. But why are you spilling the rum?

Coaster Care & Maintenance:

Not much care necessary! Let the coasters air dry when you’re done using them, or wipe the offending liquids off with a rag (when you’re done drinking). The coasters can handle anything you spill on the surface, and are built to last. But do not put them in the dishwasher, submerge in a bathtub, or drop into sea. That’s a bit too much.

Made from renewable Alder:

A lot of other coasters out there are made with cheaper woods. And most laser engraved items are made from plywood. The wood in my shop arrives with no chemical treatments (like plywood), and is always sourced from renewable American forests. No plywood. Alder is a dense, renewable hardwood in the United States. So the coaster sets are crazy strong.