Mystery Print | Summer 2016 | Fringe Focus

Free mystery poster with every order (of anything in the store). It’s an 11 x 14″ print, the design of which is a mystery! Limited Edition. Literally any poster / housewares / whatever order, and you’ll get this thing too!

Duration: Any order placed on June 13th or June 14th 2016 will automatically have one copy of this print added to your cart! So buy ANY poster, any housewares, any anything, and I will be shipping you this mystery 11 x 14″ print. This is the biggest free mystery print to date!

The print is a mystery, but if you’d like it to come FRAMED in a rustic black wooden frame, that option is available too. (It matches most of our other frames, for reference).

Note: This print is limited edition, and snagging it for free can only happen June 13th and 14th. Since I’ll be printing in intervals of 50 or so, there may be a few placed into the store at regular pricing after the reveal, but your best chance to grab the print is the free way. Okay!