Rubik’s Cube, Super Soaker, and Rock’em Sock’em Robots prints! I am starting a new limited edition series called the Nostalgic Toys Series. Sort of a way for all of us to collect our favorite toys again. (All 3 are available now, Rock’em Sock’em is simply still being drawn as I am out of state for the holiday on a tiny laptop).

These are printed on Madero Beach white paper, with red and metallic gold ink. These first 3 toys are available starting on Black Friday (Nov 28). So if you grab these, you will also be getting the Black Friday mystery print. These prints start shipping on December 9th.

Note: Rock’em Sock’em Robots print looks awesome, but I am on a tiny laptop in Michigan for Thanksgiving, so I only show a ‘work in progress’ here. The final print will look as cool as the others. Rock on.

$30 for one. $25 each for two or more.

Nostalgic Toy prints begin shipping Dec 9th

(This means US orders will arrive with plenty of time before Christmas. Canada should be fine too. International orders could arrive prior to Christmas, but it’s hard to predict.)

Rustic black wood frames (with laser engraved gallery plaques) are available for the Nostalgic Toys Series.

8x8" Rustic Black Frames