Fringe Focus Quarterly Print Club

New Art. Mailed Quarterly.


What is the Fringe Focus Quarterly Print Club?

The Print Club is a membership in which I mail you three pieces of limited edition art, every quarter. That’s one print per month, but mailed quarterly.

What prints do I get?

All new never before seen stuff. I’ll create 1 print per month that I designate for the Club. These could be released publicly, but club members will get the lowest edition numbers first. Quarter #4 will contain:

  • 1 (18×24″ or 12×36″) Movie or Pop Culture Poster (Oct 2015) $40-45 value
  • 1 (18×24″ or 12×36″) Movie or Pop Culture Poster (Nov 2015) $40-45 value
  • 1 (18×24″ or 12×36″) Movie or Pop Culture Poster (Dec 2015) $40-45 value

What do the prints look like?

It’s a mystery! Each print will be released to the public as they are ready, in Oct 2015, Nov 2015, and Dec 2015. But as a member, your print will already be numbered and reserved for you.


What are the benefits to being a print club member?

  • Your trio of prints that arrive each quarter are discounted! Quarter #4 is $99 for ~$120 – $130 of art. That’s around 20-25% off if you’re counting.
  • If you stay a member for 4 quarters in a row (one year) your quarterly package at the end of the year will include 1 Print Club Member Exclusive Poster (screen print). Also a mystery.
  • You will be assigned a personal edition number upon subscribing (lowest numbers go to members first). All print club prints are limited edition, and you’ll receive the same number on all of your prints, forever (well, as long as you subscribe).
  • Print Club Members will get their name and edition number engraved on a bigass wooden plaque here in my workshop. This will serve as a cool reminder of who I’m making art for, and who supports me.
  • Free shipping. Since I’m shipping 3 pieces at once to you, shipping is free for print club packages. (International shipping remains at $20, but the other benefits still apply!)

Are there even MORE benefits?

  • I will be coming up with fun giveaways or announcements exclusive to print club members throughout the year.
  • If I find small quantities of previously sold out prints, or release any very small editions, I will let print club members know first.

How much is it?

Subscribers will be billed $99 each quarter. That’s technically only $33 a month, for art that often costs $40 to $60. The art you subscribe for will ALWAYS be at a hefty discount vs. buying my prints individually once they are released. Quarter #4 (Oct, Nov, Dec 2015) is $120-$130 of art for $99. Subscribe now (deadline is Oct 1st 2015) Oh, and shipping is free, because duh. Note: Quarterly Print Club subscribers can leave at any time, no obligation.

Who else is in the print club?

Normal folks just like you. Whether you’ve been a fan of my art since my ACME poster Kickstarter, or a newcomer, subscribers are just folks who like covering their naked walls with cool art. Or maybe you just want to buy gifts for friends at a discount.

When does it ship?

Your quarterly art package will ship at the end of the quarter. (End of March, End of June, End of September, etc.) And finally Quarter 4 in December 2015. Members for 4 quarters will also receive a hand drawn original piece of art (likely pen or pencil) with their 4th quarter package.

Quarter #1: Jan, Feb, Mar 2015 Theme: Darkness (signups closed)

Quarter #2: Apr, May, Jun 2015 Theme: Light (signups closed)

Quarter #3: Jul, Aug, Sep 2015

Quarter #4: Oct, Nov, Dec 2015 (Now available for signups!)