ACME Corporation Luxury Copper Variant


The ACME Inventory Series is a collection of the greatest ACME products. Each 8 x 8″ signed screen print features a wacky gadget from the fictional ACME Corporation. This upgraded series shows each product in more detail. The first three prints are the Anvil, the Hi-Speed Tonic, and the Tornado KitGet your ACME Inventory prints here.

A giant poster of every ACME product, ever. 126 drawings of explosives, gadgets, rockets, and more!

Tornado seeds! Giant magnets! Dynamite! Rocket powered roller skates! Anvils! Giant Rubber Bands! I spent over 100 hours illustrating, designing, and researching this one poster.

The original release of my red ACME Corporation poster was on Kickstarter in late 2012. The project raised over $105,000 and I ended up mailing 3,400 ACME posters all over the world in early 2013. This ‘Luxury Copper’ version of my ACME poster was released in May 2013, using more expensive (and gorgeous) metallic copper paper. All 3,400 Red ACME posters are sold out, as are all 270 of the Luxury Copper main edition ACME posters. Right now I am selling the 30 Luxury Copper Artist Proofs (limited edition of 50).

ACME Corporation Luxury Copper Variant

NOTE: These Luxury Copper Artists Proofs are incredibly limited edition (compared to the other editions). These Copper Artist’s Proofs are 99.9% perfect condition, but a small <1cm scratch exists on the outside edge of the paper (that will not be visible when framed).

ACME Corporation Luxury Copper Variant

What is an ‘Artist’s Proof’? Artist’s Proofs are the exact same print as the Main Edition, printed on the same paper at the same time. But they are my personal collection of prints, and usually comprise just 5 to 20% of the total print run. The noticeable difference is a lower edition quantity and the marking ‘AP’ written next to the number. Both the Main Edition and the Artist’s Proof are signed by the artist.