The Deadline


The Deadline Zombie Poster 2015

2015 Update: The prints now available were printed in 2011, but were printed with a darker red ink than originally designed. They look fantastic, but sat forgotten in a flat file for 4 years. I have 78 of them. They are signed and numbered as Artist’s Proofs since they were my original copies, but never released until now. They look pretty cool.

In case you were wondering, yes, the red guys are zombies. I wanted to design something where a person faced certain death from a horde of zack.

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic book series, as well as zombie lore in general. If you haven’t read Max Brooks’ World War Z, do yourself a favor and read it immediately.

I wanted to capture the big picture of a zombie uprising. Sure one zombie in a dark corner is scary, but showing the potential extinction of the human race is scarier. And much more badass. The hero character in the center has two machine guns laying on the ground, although I suppose it’s up to the viewer whether or not you believe they have any bullets in them. Not that it would matter with this many undead.