This Is the Focus Poster

I wanted to create a design that’s self-referential, that describes its own creation to the viewer. I had a lot of fun making this one. It’s really dry humor.

The main focal point of the image describes itself as “This is the focus”, while one of the bright lines creating the shapes says “Contrast attracts your eyes, you like it.” There are a dozen other little pieces that describe how the poster was made, and what role each part of the design plays. Negative space, lines, texture, radial symmetry, the rule of thirds, it’s all in there.

This is absolutely meant be a sort-of inside joke for creatives and designers. It pulls from the principles and elements of design, Photoshop functions, and even the exact fonts used to create the piece. It’s almost like a blueprint for making itself. The background is actually a photo I took myself of a random cornfield in Illinois.