Trapezoid Outdoor Benches

Outdoor furniture with custom laser engraved inlays

Trapezoid Outdoor Bench

The chevron pattern of the wood meets at the middle with a small triangular keystone. In these sample benches, I’ve laser engraved dinosaur fossils into the wooden triangle, but could easily laser engrave whatever you want in the triangle. The benches are largely sealed white pine on the surface, but the triangle centerpiece is ideal for a custom image or monogram. After purchase, I’ll email you about what you’d like engraved in the centerpiece. (The laserable area for each bench’s triangle is about 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall). One image per bench (or we can do the same on all benches, your choice).

These are made to order, by me personally, so please allow 2-3 weeks on top of shipping time. Roughly 1 month from purchase to your door. Shipping is currently ONLY to the United States. $100 flat rate for your order, because they’re rather large and heavy (but still can be lifted by one person when necessary).