Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!

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Product image 1Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!
Product image 2Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!
Product image 3Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!
Product image 4Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!
Product image 5Coloring Prints | This is a Tasty Burger!

I drew it, you color it in!

I’m introducing a new series called Coloring Prints! I’m a huge fan of coloring books, but the subject matter is usually pretty plain, plus the paper quality is not ideal, plus they end up on a refrigerator instead of a frame. Coloring prints are insane illustrations of cool stuff, on thicker paper.

Framed coloring prints! Better than sticking it to a refrigerator.

Quentin Tarantino Coloring! Coloring books for adults are kind of a thing, they are therapeutic I’m told. So my adult coloring book is very adult, with a pile of weapons and brands from the entire catalog of Quentin Tarantino. This fan art fans out the Hattori Hanzo sword from Kill Bill, the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction (and other films), Django‘s guns, some briefcases, gasoline, and a lot more. And a ball gag. Why not.

These prints are limited edition, and I am currently working out the perfect paper & ink combination for an enjoyable coloring experience. Each is signed and numbered by me personally, WITH space for YOU to sign your name next to mine! Team effort. ?

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