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Many of our prints have options for framing, each frame is made from rustic black wood. Each ready-to-hang framed artwork comes with acrylic glass, hanger, and a laser engraved gallery plaque with your print's artist & title affixed to the frame itself. They look awesome. Like, museum level awesome.

Poster Frame

Ready to hang framing is currently available for posters and prints sizes: 8 x 8", 11 x 14", 11 x 17", 18 x 24", 12 x 36", and 24 x 36". Frames are available for most Fringe Focus prints, many Fantastic Factory prints, but not for certain general merchandise from other suppliers.

We cut anything, and ship it to your door.

And, get this, you pay for the minutes the laser is cutting. Easy!

Step 1: Email rob [at] fringefocus [dot] com with your design attached. JPEG, AI, PSD, PNG, GIF, We don’t care!

Step 2: We send you a quote for the number of minutes it will take. And you order those minutes right here on this page.

There is no step 3. We’ve got it under control. We cut that stuff and mail it to you. Boom.

For people familiar with graphic design: We prefer black and white dithered bitmaps for the rasterized engravings. And simple vector .AI files for the outer cuts.
For people not familiar with silly ‘graphic design’: If you want a photo engraved, send it to us, in any format. If you want shapes cut of out wood, send us those shapes. We will tell you what changes we may or may not need to make so that everything cuts properly.
Lastly, I (Rob Loukotka) can’t provide custom design services at this time (busy!). But we CAN cut and engrave your custom stuff on the laser. As long as you have the design, we can whip it up.
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