Falcon of the Seven Seas

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Product image 1Falcon of the Seven Seas | Millenium Falcon Poster
Product image 2Falcon of the Seven Seas | Millenium Falcon Poster

From my new series: Space Pirate Ships

Falcon of the Seven Seas

Finally! Intergalactic spacecraft meet old timey wooden pirate ships. You didn't know you wanted this to happen. But you did, and you are welcome.

I'd say more about this ship, but you know what it is. Arguably the most famous ship of all time (I won't even get into the argument of who is 'best' here), is now made of wood. Lasers replaced with cannon balls. Asteroids replaced with hull-wrecking waves. Some kinda space propulsion replaced with tattered sails.

I am very happy about this. This brings great joy to my nerd heart. That is all. Buy one for your wall while they last.

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