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Product image 1Miles and Miles and Miles
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One small step for man. One giant swing for mankind.

On February 5th, 1971 Alan Shepard hit two golf balls on the moon. ON THE MOON. Why? Why not. After the glory of Apollo 11 and the terror of Apollo 13, I guess we thought it was time to golf up there.

There were no great photos of this moon shot, only some very grainy video. So I dedicated some time to illustrate a proper account of this famous swing. I researched hundreds of Apollo 14 EVA photos, and ended up drawing this mostly realistic but somewhat fictional account. The ball trail goes for ‘miles and miles and miles’ as Alan Shepard famously put, and I have that trail guided towards the earth.

This poster is 24×18″ on 100C Madero Beach Speckletone French Paper. Each poster is signed (in pencil) and numbered by the artist, me!

Fun fact: The golf ball hit on the moon probably traveled 2.5 MILES before finally hitting the dirt, thanks to the Moon’s low gravity.



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