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Kia Ora!

Kepler Path 12 x 24″ Print:


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South Island Horses 12 x 24″ Print:


In February 2012, I left my job, friends, and family for one month to live in the New Zealand woods. I slept in a tent (and a lot of hostels), climbed mountains, jumped off cliffs, and drank fresh glacial melt water. Leaving the city to have this kind of adventure was basically the best feeling I've ever had, and I want to share that with you. These photos were part of a print project on Kickstarter. I’ve since introduced some larger versions of a few of these photos, available exclusively in my store.

I shot the video throughout the month of February 2012 in New Zealand. It's a compilation of quick shots from my travels. Hikes, campsites, trails, rivers, mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, even an animal or two.

I did a lot of one-day hikes throughout the country, as well as several 3-4 day hikes. I carried all of my gear in an ultralight backpack, with a small titanium stove, and tons of other tiny pieces of gear. I ate straight peanut butter with my fingers, got bloody toes, and smelled generally terrible.

It was an exhausting and incredibly rewarding journey. I hope this quick video is inspirational to you, since it really captures the intensity and vastness of a region far away. I'm looking forward to exploring more places, and as an independent artist I'll need all the help I can get.

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