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Product image 1The Whiskey Series
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Add a frame to your prints! I will frame your prints for you, so they arrive ready to hang. Each textured rustic black 8 x 8″ frame features real glass, and a laser engraved wooden gallery plaque with the print’s title, date, and artist. Each frame holds an 8 x 8″ print with a 1.5″ wood border, so the whole piece is 11 x 11″. Gallery plaques are centered along the bottom of the frame.

Whiskey Cocktail Screen Prints!

The Old Fashioned. A drink made for centuries that can essentially be dubbed the original cocktail. I guess before this one they just drank whiskey right out of the barrel. Okay, that’s… half accurate. But really, Old Fashioneds are fantastic. Just ask Don Draper.

The Manhattan. Ugh, so good. Why aren’t you having one right now? Maybe you’re at work, I’m sorry. Made with bourbon (or rye… depending on who you ask), sweet vermouth, bitters, and a cherry. I drew a traditional Manhattan for this print series, but a lot of bars serve ’em on the rocks as well.

The Sazerac. Not quite as well known as the first two heavy hitters, I felt this drink should round out my first three prints in the series (with hopefully more to follow). I love this drink because it has such a precise preparation. Like you are literally supposed to have two chilled glasses, one of which is coated with Absinthe, and you have to strain the drink into the other glass. I… may or may not be a bit lazier than that.

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