Wooden Board Game World Map

Rob Loukotka

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Wood boards conquer cardboard.

I play a lot of Risk. The cardboard world map it comes with was in serious need of an upgrade. This unofficial, custom drawn wooden world map (plus bonus counter) is a perfect companion for your board game night.

All of the continents are laser cut from cherry and walnut boards separately. Collectively the map takes up around 20 x 30″ (it’s huge). Because all of the continents and islands are separated, you can still stack this board inside of a box or drawer. Or keep it on display somewhere, if you’re so inclined.

My board is designed to work fully with a game of Risk you already own. No cards, instructions, playing piece, or dice (etc.) are included (because this an unaffiliated fan project). Some liberties are taken to improve the game experience, like making Great Britain and Iceland a tad bigger so your armies don’t fall off. The arrows connecting countries are also very well defined, and I’ve found this wooden map is much easier on the eyes.

All pieces are cut from 3/16″ cherry and walnut boards, sealed with danish oil. So they’re strong, durable, and can handle an accidental spill of your beer unlike a traditional cardboard game.

Included with your wooden map: A bonus armies spinning counter (4″ wide) and continent bonus list. (Bonus army counter lists numbers 4 through 60).

This board and counter could also be a great companion for other world map related games, or a game of your own design.

You could also glue your pieces to a board and hang it up as art, and take it down from the wall when you’re ready to play!

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