Fringe Focus Wooden Coins

No More Business Cards

I’ve always been fascinated by old wooden nickels. I got a wooden token from a bar once, and kept it in my pocket for weeks until I finally broke down and traded it in for a free beer. They’re bizarre, have a great texture, and feel like some sort of pirate currency

So when faced with the task of designing new business cards for Fringe Focus, I decided to skip that task entirely and make wooden tokens instead. These coins are laser engraved 2″ discs of wood. They’re incredibly lightweight, strong, and can take a beating.

Fringe Focus Wooden Tokens

I designed both faces of the coin, added my contact info, and had them deeply laser engraved. Then I aged the wood by staining and sanding each coin by hand. Definitely damaged my fingers with all that sandpaper, but it’s worth it. The final coins lack the computerized burn-in from a laser engraver, and look instead to be 100 years old. They even smell good!

If you see me in Chicago sometime, having a beer, you could probably get your hands on of these coins if you’re interested. I will also be including them with every poster order in the Fringe Focus Store, for free! Because… fun.┬áBackers of my Landscape Photography Kickstarter Project will also receive wooden tokens with their prints.

Check out some process shots below as I was staining:

Fringe Focus Wooden Coins

Fringe Focus Wooden Coins