ACME Inventory | Mystery Print #7

There are 7 ACME Inventory prints. The 7th print is an exclusive bonus for anybody who buys all 6 prints, OR for buying any 3 prints with 3 frames. I will add this mystery print to your package, and am limiting the mystery ACME print to just 50 copies.

ACME Inventory Prints Framed

Add a frame to your prints! I will frame your prints for you, so they arrive ready to hang. Each textured rustic black 8 x 8″ frame features real glass, and a laser engraved wooden gallery plaque with the print’s title, date, and artist. Each frame holds an 8 x 8″ print with a 1.5″ wood border, so the whole piece is 11 x 11″. Gallery plaques are centered along the bottom of the frame. Frames begin shipping in Mid-August.

Your favorite ACME Corporation gadgets.

Detailed art prints (and frames) of the world’s greatest rockets, explosives, gadgets, and more!

The ACME Inventory Series is a collection of the greatest ACME products. Each 8 x 8″ signed screen print features a wacky gadget from the fictional ACME Corporation. I once drew a giant poster of all 126 products made by ACME. This upgraded series shows each product in more detail. I hope this series serves to make our favorite dream factory a bit more real. 8×8″ Laser engraved frames also available for each.

ACME Inventory Series | Anvil | Fringe Focus

My collection of ACME Corporation items appeared in cartoons from 1949 to 1994. I exhaustively cataloged every ACME item, and have drawn completely original illustrations in higher detail than they’ve ever appeared before.

ACME Inventory Series | Hi-Speed Tonic | Fringe Focus

The first 3 ACME Inventory signed screen prints are The Anvil, The Hi-Speed Tonic, and The Tornado Kit! The second 3 are The Dynamite, The Magnet, and (coming soon). Only $25 each when buying multiple prints (or $30 for a single print). More ACME Inventory prints will be released over time, and should make an awesome collection for your living room, office, hallway, or wherever!

ACME Inventory Series | Tornado Kit | Fringe Focus

Anvil, Hi-Speed Tonic, and Tornado Kit are a signed open edition. Other ACME Inventory prints are limited edition:

ACME Inventory Print | Dynamite

ACME Dynamite Print. Limited Edition of 100.

ACME Inventory Print | Magnet

ACME Magnet Print. Limited Edition of 100.

ACME Inventory Print | Jet Propelled Unicycle

ACME Jet-Propelled Unicycle Print. Limited Edition of 100.