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Print isn’t dead!

My ACME Corporation poster is featured in the Wall Street Journal (January 5th, 2013). ACME’s Best Product Ever is featured on page C14 of the weekend edition! Special thanks to WSJ reporter Stefanie Cohen for the great interview and writing.

The article features my idea and design process, as well as my plans to build an art studio in Chicago with the funds from the ACME Kickstarter project.

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My limited edition ACME Corporation posters are almost sold out! 3,254 posters were purchased on Kickstarter, and I’m limiting the edition to just 3,400. That means roughly 100 posters will be up for sale towards the end of January / early February. The only way to be notified when these final ACME posters go up for sale is to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or my email newsletter.

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