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We wish you a January Christmas!

A good number of the 3,000 ACME Corporation posters on my Kickstarter have been purchased as gifts. An illustrated 24×36″ poster of 126 different ACME gadgets makes an awesome Christmas gift indeed! But I’ll be printing and shipping the posters in January, long after the holidays are over. The tree will have withered, the ornaments will be broken, the fruitcake hardened into stone, only then will your beautiful (and gigantic) ACME print arrive.

Solution: Free ACME Christmas e-cards for everybody! I’m offering two different versions of this ‘We wish you a January Christmas’ card. One is an e-card suitable for typing in names and emailing to friends/family. The other is a print file you can print out on your home printer, fold, and give to that special someone on Christmas morning. Or whatever morning.



ACME Christmas E-Card


E-Card Insructions:

  1. Download the E-Card .PDF
  2. Type the ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ names into the fields provided.
  3. Type a message into the field provided.
  4. Save the now edited .PDF
  5. Send it to your giftee via email or the web! Do whatever you wish with it.

ACME Print Card – Front & Back &

ACME Print Card – Inside


ACME Christmas Print Card


Print Card Instructions:

  1. Download the Print Card’s Front & Back .PDF, and the Inside .PDF
  2. Print the Front/Back file on a regular sheet of 8.5×11″ computer paper.
  3. Flip that paper over, put it back in your printer, then print the Inside file on the opposite side.
  4. Fold the now double-sided page in half (right down the middle).
  5. You have a printed Christmas card! Write on it, put it in an envelope, the world is your oyster!
  6. Give it to your giftee and explain that Christmas comes in January.

Want to order a second ACME poster as a gift? Simply increase your pledge from $30 to $60 and I’ll send you two posters in January. International orders would be $40 for one, and $70 for two. (You can also order 3 posters, etc. by increasing your pledge further)

Feel free to use these cards however you want. Email them, tweet them, Facebook them, print them large or small. As long as your giftee knows you got them a rad poster, you’re good!

If you haven’t bought an ACME Corporation poster yet, time is running out! Only 4 days left. These limited edition prints will NEVER be reprinted, so you only have until December 24th at 4pm CST.

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