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Ruins of Gotham | Fringe Focus

When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.

When Silver Screen Society approached me to create some work for their ‘Alternate Endings’ show, I knew it had to be Batman. ‘Alternate Endings‘ is a collection of prints and posters depicting movie that have ended a bit… differently. Lost characters surviving, new plot twists added, heroes dying, that sort of thing.

(Spolier Alert!) As a huge Batman fan (and Christopher Nolan fan), I jumped on the idea and wanted to depict Gotham if Batman couldn’t save it. Depict Gotham as the nuclear wasteland that Bane and Talia had intended. You no longer have to ‘Imagine the Fire’.

The (gigantic) map that I drew is based on the official maps that appeared in movie and the viral campaigns for The Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises. Though fictional, nearly every building and street location is 100% accurate. I froze stills of the movie, compared viral campaign maps to movie maps, and found key locations in the city. Gotham Rogues Stadium, Wayne Tower, Gotham Opera House, and tons of bridges are all destroyed but present in the illustration.

Screen printed by VGKids in Michigan, this limited edition print is available exclusively from Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn. The ‘Alternate Endings’ show is open December 14th to January 4th. So get your ass over to Brooklyn and check it out, or just buy a print online. Special thanks to Silver Screen Society and Bottleneck Gallery for putting this on.

“Ruins of Gotham” is printed on beautiful Madero Beach Speckletone paper from the French Paper Company.

Ruins of Gotham | Fringe Focus | Close-Up Ruins of Gotham Print Process | Fringe Focus

Title: “Ruins of Gotham” – Artist: Rob Loukotka (Fringe Focus) – Size: 12×36″ – One Color Screen Print – Limited Edition of 100 (numbered) – $40

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